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The Wizard and Warrior Series

The Prophecy


When the new power rises and the Wizard and Warrior meet, old and new blood will combine to save one and all.

When Nataria invaded and conquered their southern neighbour there was a time of Great War and strife. The land of Aria has been at peace for two generations, but now it faces a new threat from a would be conquerer. But there is much more to this threat than meets they eye! Is it the time the old prophecy predicted, when Aria would have need of the wizard and the warrior?

Book One: Beginnings


Aliah and Seamus have run away from the future their parents have planned for them. As they journey northwards 

through Aria they learn more about each other and the growing threat to their homeland. Could they really be the wizard and warrior of the prophecy? Are they destined to save their home from the greatest threat it has ever faced?

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Book Two: Trials


Seamus and Aliah have warned the King of the coming invasion, and are now on a mission to Hand to ask for the Duke’s help in the war to save Aria. It is not enough that they must face Seamus’ past to secure the support of Hand, but it seems they cannot escape the prophecy of the Wizard and the Warrior.

Will they find out who The Wizard and Warrior really are? And will they do it in time to stop the coming invasion?

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Book Three: Battle


Due for release end November 2019

Into the Shadows


Dominic has the knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and over hearing things he would be better off not knowing.

When he overhears someone planning to hurt his friend, his hero instinct is aroused with life changing results.

Dominic is a key character in the Wizard and Warrior Series and this is his origin story.

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When will Battle be released? 

I have finished the first draft and the book is now going through the reading and editing process. Target release is November 2019

What is Into the Shadows?

It is a novelette, a long short story, from the Wizard and Warrior world. It will be published beginning of June and will be free to download.